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External Circular 004 2022

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External Circular 004 2022 issued by Colombia's Financial Superintendence  

The Financial Superintendence, through external circular 004 of 2022, issues the following modifications/creations: 

  • Repealed the formats 468 "Forward on currencies", 469 "Forward on titles or securities", 471 "European options" and 472 "Swaps"  
  • Created the new format 415 "Derivative financial instruments" that consolidates the information of all derivative products.

In accordance with the above, Alfa GL proposed the following modifications in the PORFIN application to solve the request made by the Financial Superintendency:

  • Adjust the credit exposure process to make it independent of the quota module.
  • Load external information that is not found in PORFIN to complete the information required by the 415 format.
  • Create columnar report in Excel of the 415 format.
  • Create transmission plane of the 415 format.