Alfa GL Software Financiero

About Us

We are a Colombian company with more than 25 years of experience in the implementation of treasury and shareholder management solutions.


Our treasury and shareholder solutions are both integrated to our clients’ operations, ensuring regulatory issues and incident resolution at the first contact with our organization.


In the year 2025 we will be a treasury and shareholder solutions provider with Latin American recognition. We will be recognised as a market leader, with a best in class service delivery capability and innovative solutions.


At ALFA GL we are coherent and our personal and work decisions show balance between what we say and what we do. Our decisions are based on professional integrity and on the respect we have for people.

ALFA GL´s main working methodology is the use of construction with clients, at a distance and in person. We are close to our clients, we listen and explore, ensuring solutions or presenting alternatives according to the project needs.

At Alfa GL, we are capable of doing things better in order to contribute to our work model and to our personal and organizational growth.

We understand where we are heading and we deliver results as a team. At Alfa GL we achieve quality solutions to our clients.


Thanks to Alfa GL's teamwork, focused on the continuous improvement of the company's processes, we have been able to obtain important recognitions that demonstrate our commitment to the quality of the services we provide.


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