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PORFIN product

PORFIN is a tool for the management of investment portfolios with coverage of the entire operational flow of treasuries.

Our solution is aimed at treasuries and money desks that manage the entity's portfolios and want to have online information on the market value of their investments, control quotas and risks of the same, and support the fulfillment of all the operations of investment made. On the other hand, our software provides support for all regulatory requirements issued by control entities. 

PORFIN also supports all the debt issues carried out by the entity, communicating online with the securities exchanges and deposits where the titles of each issue are traded and guarded.

Capital Market

Support for negotiation and fulfillment of operations with securities, financial assets, shares, bonds, debt securities and investment funds.

Standardized Derivatives

Support for negotiation and fulfillment of derivative operations in a transactional system and with a Risk Chamber counterparty.

Non-Standardized Derivatives

Support for negotiation and fulfillment of bilateral operations of plain vanilla derivatives.

Money Market

Support for the negotiation and fulfillment of operations with financial assets with a short amortization period, low risk and high liquidity.

Exchange Market

Support for the negotiation and fulfillment of foreign exchange operations.


Issuance of Bonds and CDT with load of operations and balances from Deceval.

ADA Product

ADA is a reliable and secure tool for the management of Shareholders and Assemblies.

Companies that are listed on the stock exchange, either individually or as a holding company, or have a significant volume of shareholders and want to have control of them and their beneficiaries, as well as of the processes related to the decree and payment of dividends, can support its operation in our ADA software. Our solution incorporates all regulations related to shareholder management processes issued by government entities.

Additionally, the system supports all processes related to the execution of shareholders' meetings.


It allows to control the trading operations of shares that are carried out through the stock exchanges or outside them.


Administration of dividends, including the and payment thereof. It allows the management and control of automatic or manual transfers between shareholders and/or beneficiaries. Generation of certificates for shareholders.


Automatic reception of movements reported from deposits or the stock market.


It manages all the processes involved in holding shareholders' meetings.


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  Through the Titles module of our PORFIN application, it is possible to perform the automatic crossing of the current inventory ...
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The CRCC published the project whereby all spot operations and TTV operations on shares...
Did you know that PORFIN has a reconciliation functionality with securities deposits? It is one of the options...

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