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Whats Next?

Alfa GL is committed to working on technological and process innovation every day, so that our solutions are up-to-date and cover the new operating needs of the treasury and shareholders areas.

New features

We seek that our products adapt to changes in our clients' businesses and processes, including new functionalities that meet these needs.

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New products


Descriptive analytics
What happens now? Current information

PORFIN BI is a module that generates real-time information on investment portfolios. This tool is in charge of collecting all the information from the portfolio managed in the PORFIN modules and categorizes it by market type, grouping fixed income, variable income, Derivatives and Monetary investments. This information is transformed into composition boards by financial product, rates, currency, issuer, also including correlated securities, variation of the market value by ISIN or group of ISINES, portfolio volatility and volatility by ISIN.

All the information has dynamic filters to access individual or consolidated views in which trend graphs, growth rates, average market rates by portfolio or group of portfolios are generated. In conclusion, PORFIN BI is an application that allows you to have a broader and more comprehensive view of your investments.

New versions of Products

The new version of our PORFIN and ADA products is being built based on the following elements:


A REST API type architecture, which exposes services in Json format and which can be consumed by the application or by other products that need to be integrated into the solution.


A new security layer built under the OAuth 2.0 protocol, where communication between the client that consumes the services and the application server is done through token authentication.


New responsive presentation layer built with Node.js and Angular where the services provided by the application are consumed.


New security and auditing module that allows users to register the application and their consumption of services in such a way that our client can check at any time which users and services are consuming the resources of the application (Heat map).


Automatic test model that can be activated from an Excel with test scenarios or stored in a warehouse of system information to be used at any time that is required.


Product development and release process to the client supported by integration and continuous delivery, including the stages of development, review of technical debt, product assembly and deployment in the client's environment.