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We work for users of treasury and shareholder management with the support of the technology area

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We understand the business of our clients to deliver comprehensive solutions for Treasury and Shareholders, which evolve at their own pace, to the demands of the regulations and the market.

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Incident Attention Service

We attend to incidents that occur in the production environment of our clients


Implementation Service

We accompany our clients in the processes of initial installation, testing and production of the software they license for the first time


Certification Service

We accompany our clients in the processes of installation, testing and production of an update or new version of the Alfa GL applications that you manage in your organization


Versioning Service

We incorporate new pieces of code in one of the environments of a client where the Alfa GL software is installed


Customer Consultation Service

We provide our clients with a timely response to the doubts that the user areas have about the management of the application, or technical questions about the software and that do not require a service time of more than two (2) hours.


Platform Outsourcing Service

We make the technological and communications infrastructure available to our clients so that they can operate the Alfa GL applications in our private cloud


Functional Consulting Service

We make our clients operational in the use of new functionalities offered by the application


Training Service

We identify the training needs of our clients' human team regarding management issues of our applications or technical issues related to; the architecture of the application, its components and / or installation processes


Support and Maintenance Service

We serve our customers' production environment and keep it fully operational. Additionally, we make available to the client new versions of our products that include product functionalities related to regulatory issues, support for new investment operations, among others.


Technical Consulting Service

We support our clients in the execution of technical activities on one or more of the platform software components on which Alfa GL applications operate. For example: Installation of the database, Installation and / or configuration of the application server, Debugging of historical data, among others


Outsourcing Service

We define an Alfa GL work team that will serve a client for an agreed period of time (duration of the Outsourcing). This work team can execute one or more of the following services: Certification, technical and / or functional consulting, training, versions, development of requirements, attention to Outsourcing incidents and functional and / or technical consultations.


Service Requirements

We develop or modify a functionality of an Alfa GL product, which integrates one or more options of our application. This new functionality can be developed at the request of a client, due to a regulatory change or a market need


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