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Our services

We work for users of treasury and shareholder management with the support of the technology area.

Value proposition

We provide several treasury and shareholders services to ensure continuity of business. We offer integrated services that ensure high quality and professionalism, following the rules and regulations of the market in each country where we operate.

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Incident Attention Service

We attend incidents that happen in the production environment of our customers.


Implementation Service

We accompany our clients in the initial installation, testing and production of the software they license for the first time.


Certification Service

We accompany our clients in the installation, testing and production processes of an upgrade or new version of the Alfa GL applications that they manage in their organization.


Versioning Service

We incorporated new parts of code in one of the environments of a customer where Alfa GL software is installed.


Customer Consultation Service

Brindamos a nuestros clientes una respuesta oportuna a las dudas que las áreas usuarias tengan sobre el manejo del aplicativo, o pregunta técnicas acerca del software


Platform Outsourcing Service

We provide our customers with the technological and communications infrastructure to operate Alfa GL applications in our private cloud.


Functional Consulting Service

We put our customers into operation in the use of new functionalities offered by the application, ensuring their competences and knowledge about it.


Training Service

We offer training to our clients' staff to help them learn how to handle our applications and technical issues related to the architecture of the application, its components and/or installation processes.


Support and Maintenance Service

We provide support to our customers in order to keep their production environment, with all of its assets, fully operational. Additionally, we make available to the customer new versions of our products that include product functionalities related to regulatory issues, support for new investment operations, among others.


Technical Consulting Service

We help our clients with all technical activities needed to support their application on one or more of the platform software components Alfa GL applications operate on. For example: Database installation and configuration, application server installation configuration and/or configuration and historical data debugging among others.


Outsourcing Service

We can define an Alfa GL work team that will serve a client for an agreed period of time (Outsourcing duration). This work team can perform one or several of the following services: Certification, technical and/or functional consulting, training, versioning, requirements development, Outsourcing incidents and functional and/or technical consultations.


Service Requirements

We develop or modify a functionality of the Alfa GL product. The new functionality is developed at the request of a customer, due to a regulatory change or a market need. This can be accomplished through the integration of one or more options of our application.


We tell you what is happening in Alfa GL

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