Alfa GL Software Financiero

Variable Income Project through CRCC

The CRCC published the project through which all cash operations and TVV operations on shares are settled and cleared through the CRCC, for which Alfa GL constituted a multidisciplinary team made up of clients, unions and the chamber to interpret and design the modifications to be incorporated into the PORFIN application. This project had a total consumption of 2,400 hours executed in a record time of 5 months, releasing three months before the entry into force all the certified functionality for implementation in each of our clients.

What was the impact of this development on the processes?

This development impacted Negotiation, Guarantees, Compliance, Accounting and Transmissions processes in a transversal way in the PORFIN application and the following functionalities were incorporated:

- Management of Guarantees by Segment and by Counterparty.
- Delays, Advances and partial fulfillment of Cash Operations.
- Record of Performance and Penalty.
- Settlement for Differences and Equivalent Dividend.
- Netting of cash operations on shares.
- Reports of Delays, Advances, Partial Compliance and Netting of Operations.

The success of this project was given by the teamwork on the part of all the participants with leadership of Alfa GL, which allowed a correct understanding that resulted in the implementation of new functionalities through co-construction. In this way, when our clients received the development, they already knew the full scope and its functionality.