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We modernized our own financial software offering, converting it from an On-Premise model to a SaaS model, employing our migration technologies INK® and PEN®.

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  • The Need: Our sister company urgently needed to modernize their core commercial offering, PORFIN, an Investment Portfolio Management software, which was developed in Oracle Forms and operating on Oracle Database Engine 19. Without that upgrade it was not possible to maintain market competitiveness nor expand into new markets.  
  • The Task: Expeditiously and economically migrate, upgrade and modernize more than 1,500 screens and 1,700 reports contained in a 20-year-old application, while ensuring a high-quality end product and without disturbing ongoing operations.
  • The Result: Using an application migration model supported by our proprietary INK® and PEN® technologies, only a nominal increase in the development team was required, making the migration financially viable, which was completed without experiencing any technical or quality issues.

This allowed us to prepare the launch our brand-new version of -PORFIN – an Investment Portfolios Management system in a SaaS version. We look forward to the growth of our modernized offering into untapped markets!

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