Ecopetrol Case

Supported by our software modernization technologies, the system that supports Ecopetrol’s ($21B Market Cap) Annual Shareholders' Meeting, which operates online from three redundant data centers (USA, Brazil, Colombia), was successfully migrated and modernized in just 5 weeks.  

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  • The Need: Energy company Ecopetrol ($21B Market Cap), required full technological support for their 2023 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. With such high stakes, nothing could go wrong.   

  • The Task: To migrate and modernize to the latest operational and cybersecurity standards the legacy Shareholders Management application.   

  • The Result: In 5 weeks the system that was developed in Oracle Forms was migrated and tested to support the assembly. The modernized application runs in the Oracle cloud, on a services architecture using Angular as a front-end and a middle layer in NodeJs, which through Json, consumes the procedures and functions of the database. The application runs in an online replication/redundancy model on three mirror environments running in the data centers of Oracle in Ashburn (USA) and Sao Pablo (Brazil), and in a private cloud in Colombia. 

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